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Bamboo Paddle Hairbrush | Bamboo Switch

Bamboo Paddle Hairbrush | Bamboo Switch

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This all-natural hairbrush will not only feel ah-MAY-zing on your scalp, but it's also terrific for the planet! Our bamboo hairbrush promises to make detangling your mane a breeze. Pamper yourself today and get a brush that'll leave your coif softer than a cloud. Plus, since it's crafted from ethically sourced bamboo, your conscience will be as clean as your hair!


Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush Each hairbrush has natural bamboo bristles, perfect for static reducing and effective detangling.
Each plastic hairbrush that has ever been produced is still around on our planet and will be for hundreds of years. Eventually, microplastics will be left forever. The handle and bristles of this brush are completely compostable.
Dimensions: 9.5" in length 3" in width


Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush with all Natural Bamboo Bristles

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