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Bamboo Soap Lift ~Slated | Bamboo Switch

Bamboo Soap Lift ~Slated | Bamboo Switch

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Bamboo Soap Lift-ers will totally up the life expectancy of your bar of suds. Go au natural with our plastic-free, bam-boo-ful soap lifters that are naturally antibacterial and built to last. Spruce up your shower-scape with this quick-fix swap to really dial up the dazzle factor. Plus, this Lift makes sure all the goopy residue from soap bars is a thing of the past and provides faster drying. And, to top it off, this bamboo lifter is 100% compostable and environmentally friendly!



Dimensions: 5.1 inches in length 3 1/2 inches wide .75" high


100% Bamboo

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