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Travel Cutlery Set | Bamboo Switch

Travel Cutlery Set | Bamboo Switch

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Dig into your grub with your eco-friendly bamboo cutlery! Get started on the zero-waste life with your new food-fightin' friend. For morning, noon, and night meals--it won't let you down. Vacays? Road trips? Don't worry, your bamboo set is ready to go. Buh-bye plastic, hello bamboo!


Bring this reusable set anywhere with you and ditch the plastic utensils. Easy to travel with and easy to store. All utensils are naturally antibacterial, water resistant (fun fact - they even float), BPA free and therefore non toxic!

Cleaning: Hand wash and air dry

Environmental Impact: Each plastic utensil that has ever been produced is still around on our planet and will be for hundreds of years. Eventually, microplastics will be left forever. This set is completely compostable.


Includes: 1x Bamboo Fork 1x Bamboo Knife 1x Bamboo Spoon 2x Bamboo Chopsticks 1x Bamboo Straw 1x Coconut Fiber Straw Cleaner 1x Organic Cotton Travel Pouch

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