• Step 1

    Select your Refill Product.
    • For Refill Products, they are sold in ONE ounce increments.
    • The quantity you choose is the amount of ounces you'll purchase.

    e.g. Castile Soap is $0.62, this is the price of 1 ounce of castile soap. If you wanted to purchase 16 ounces of soap, you will have to change the quantity to 16 on the products page.

    The total amount of Castile soap would then be $9.92 for the 16 ounces. You can review this total before you checkout.

  • Step 2

    Choose your container.
    • If you have CONTAINERS AT HOME, and you just want the Refill to fill your own bottles at home, then you will need to select Community Container.
    • If you want to PURCHASE A NEW CONTAINER, e.g. a spray bottle for your surface cleaner, then you will need to add the your container choice to your cart separately.
    • If purchasing multiple NEW containers & different refills, please refer to STEP 4.
  • Step 3

    Get to know your product!
    • If applicable to your choice of Refill Product, don't forget to choose your scent!
    • You can find additional information about each refill product, on the product's page, i.e. description, ingredients, & proper usage/dilutions. Just scroll down!
  • Step 4

    If purchasing multiple refills & multiple new containers..
    • If you have multiple New Containers in your cart, then in the notes section of Checkout, please specify which refill products you would like in each container.
    • Any online orders without a specified purchased container will be delivered in a Community Container for the most zero waste online experience.
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Most Common Questions & their Answers.

What are Community Containers?

Community Containers are simply Containers from the Community, for the Community.

These containers are being Repurposed & Reused. Meaning they're given another purpose to be useful in your home, rather than being tossed out after they were used for their original purpose.

  • These jars may be glass, metal, or plastic.
  • These jars may still contain their original label.
  • All Jars/Containers will be cleaned and sanitized prior to being used for your Refill.

At this time, we have an abundance of community containers, and are not accepting donations.

Can I refill my containers in person?

Currently, we have weekly farmers markets & local pop-ups that you can come to to Refill in person. Find us around Las Vegas/Henderson area by checking out our Monthly Calendar Here.

Whats the Purpose of Refilling containers?

In simple terms, we Refill to Reduce our waste, especially plastic waste. Often times in our society we are used to using a product, and then forgetting about the container it came in & just tossing it into the recycling bin or garbage.

Nothing is ever "thrown away" when you live on a planet, so by repurposing our containers & refilling them we can reduce our impact of wast that ends up in their environment or landfills.

Find out the in depth answer to this question, by reading Our Blog Post here.

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