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Bamboo Pot Scraper

Bamboo Pot Scraper

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Our bamboo scraper is a must for every kitchen, totally versatile and ready to take on even the most stubborn gunk--no scratched surfaces here! Durable, featherweight, and suavely sleek, it'll make a great addition to your clean-up routine.



Care: Hand wash and let air dry

Dimensions: 2.75” Tall 2.25” Wide Weight: 0.6oz

Environmental Impact: Millions of plastic pot scraper get thrown away each year. This prevents them from being recycled or broken down properly that will end up in a landfill and take hundreds of years to break down, eventually turning into micro plastics.

Brand Tip: Use them as an all natural door-stop, candle wax cleaner, or clear up choppings from countertops.


100% Bamboo

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