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Organic Neem Oil | Kelpy

Organic Neem Oil | Kelpy

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Packaging & Container Information!

*For "bulk" products, they are sold in 1 oz. increments (photo not to scale) and any online orders without a specified purchased container will be shipped in a secondhand, randomly assorted, clean, and sanitized "community container" for the most zero waste online experience.*

Neem is a friend to plants, its a natural insecticide to help manage unwanted pests that may be attracted to your houseplants. 


Neem oil has an active compound which interferes with the normal life cycle of insects, including feed, molting, mating, and egg-laying. Neem oil is used to control hundreds of pests, including whitefly, aphids, Japanese beetles, moth larvae, scale, and spider mites. Neem oil does not harm birds, or beneficial insects and soil-loving creatures, such as bees, butterflies, lady beetles and earthworms. Spray combined with Castile soap and water under and over foliage of plants. When combating an infestation use every other day for a up to 14 days.


100% Organic Cold Pressed Neem Oil


Directions : Shake well before using. Mix 1 dropper of Neem, several drops of dish soap and 500 mL of water in a spray bottle. Shake spray bottle throughout the spraying process to prevent the oil and water from separating.

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