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Swedish Dishcloth ~ Printed Spongecloth | SWEDEdishcloths

Swedish Dishcloth ~ Printed Spongecloth | SWEDEdishcloths

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SWEDEdishcloths are a Superior Cleaning Cloth for use in the Kitchen, Bathrooms, Patios or virtually Anywhere. They can be used on Windows, Counters, Floors or for any application you would traditionally use Paper Towels.

ONE Swedish Dishcloth™ can replace up to 17 rolls of Paper Towels, helping Save the Environment through less mass in landfills, and much Lower Consumption of Earths Valuable Trees Make the cleaning process a little more joy-filled. With recycled materials and extra cleaning power, you'll make every surface sparkle - all while giving the environment a break. Plus, you won't need to lug around bulky paper towels ever again. Hooray!



Reusable, Biodegradable, Compostable.
Absorbs up to 3/4 Cups liquid per cloth.
Dishwasher Durable up to 200 Cycles.
Can be Boiled to Sanitize.


70% Wood Pulp / 30% Cotton

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